Licenses governing the terms of use of the software sold on

1) This license governs the terms of use of  software (prestashop modules) sold at Furthermore, only software.

2) The software sold is protected by copyright in accordance with Act No. 89/2012 Coll., The Civil Code, Act No. 121/2000 Coll., As amended (Copyright Act) and the related laws. The copyright owner of the software is the seller ie RNDr. Václav Mach, with its registered office at Vrábce-Zastávka, U Rybníka 123, identification number: 734 83 460, see Article 1. of the Business Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Seller" or "Author")

3) The right to use the purchased software is granted to the Buyer by proper payment of the purchase price, but only in accordance with this License and the Business Terms and Conditions.

4) The right to use the software to buyers is not limited in time

5) The right to use the buyer software is negotiated on a single multishop. The buyer is therefore entitled to use the purchased software on multiple domains only and exclusively in cases where these domains share the same Prestashop administration. The buyer must purchase a separate license for each administration in which the software has been installed.

6) The provisions of Section 5 do not apply to the case of software installation for testing on a PC or on a Web site that is not publicly available on the Internet, provided that all other provisions of this License and the Business Terms are respected.

7) The Buyer is not entitled to use the Software in any way to reproduce, distribute, rent, lend, exhibit, sell, provide to a third party, offer free of charge or for any consideration or otherwise purchased the Software except as expressly set forth in items 8 and 9 of this License.

8) Buyer may provide the software to a third party to modify the source code according to point 10 of this License. In this case, the buyer is responsible for ensuring that this third party fully governs this license.

9) If an buyer is a IT professional (a web-studio, an SEO agency, a programmer), he/she can sell the properly purchased software to the end-user and add the cost of his services to the price of the software. Buyers must purchase a separate license for each end-user.

The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the end-user will follow this license.

10) Buyer has the right to modify the software source code for his / her own need. However, the name of the software sold, the name of the author, the names of the files that make up the software, or the license that governs the use of the software may not be changed in any way. Also, the buyer must not delete the original comments to thecode. Licenses written in files that make up the software may not be removed or modified. By modifying the source code, copyright is not passed on to the buyer or a third party that has made the adjustment under paragraph 8 of this license, the copyright holder remains the seller.

11) In the event of a breach of the buyer obligation referred to in Articles 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10 of these license terms, the Seller shall be entitled to a contractual fine of CZK 30,000 for each breach of duty.

12) The payment of a contractual penalty in case of buyer's intervention in the seller's copyright under point 12 of this License is without prejudice to the seller's right to compensation in full.

13) Seller's liability for any software defects or direct or indirect damage is governed by the terms and conditions. Its maximum aggregate amount is therefore limited by the amount paid by the buyer for the software sold.