Instructions for using the PPL parcelshop for Prestashop module


The module is installed in the same way as most other Prestashop modules - by uploading a Zip package in the administration.

Module settings

Parcelshop Setup Tab

Here fill in the carrier that will be used for Parcelshop. The module will add a new carrier during installation, don't forget to set its price (Delivery - Carriers) if you want to use it, otherwise disable it.

API Key Tab

It sounds technical but it's very simple. Open the tab, copy the request text that you find there and write to PPL. You will receive a few bits of information which are easy to fill out. Then just ask your sales representative for the depot number from which your packages are picked up.

API settings tab

It's not complicated, but you have to fill in everything. In the sender section, fill in details about your company. In the Cash on delivery settings section, there is information about the account to which you want collected money sent. Then a list of payment modules, select those that use cash on delivery, so not payment in advance.

Export tab settings

The module added several new tabs to the order section, the following settings refer to the PPL export shipment tab. In module settings you basically choose 3 things:

  • to which status the order should move after successful export
  • which orders to offer for export based on order status
  • which orders to offer for export based on the carrier... so yes, if you have one PPL carrier for parcelshop and another for delivery to address, you can export orders for both

Newly added tabs

PPL shipment export - see settings above. Don't overlook the bulk export option. And there's a small trick - shipments exported through the API won't be found on as you were used to but on .... Your login details apply there!

PPL print - here is a list of batches. A batch is made up of shipments that you sent to PPL at once. If you sent one shipment using the export function, it's one batch. If you send 100 shipments via bulk export, it's one batch. Clicking on the PDF will generate a PDF file for the given batch.

PPL overview - here is an overview of shipments exported to PPL, with the ability to delete them. To make the overview work, set up a crontab, you can find the crontab url in the module configuration.